Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ReadHer? 

ReadHer is a book subscription box! It features a book written by a Black author with 3-5 adds-ons. These additional items will vary greatly! They can be bookmarks, a tote, stickers, t-shirt, and of course a snack! Cause every snack, needs a snack! ;) 

Please note ReadHer is for adults (18+). The storylines and content found in the books is not appropriate for minors. 

What types of authors will be in the box?

All the books will be by Black authors! Specifically indie authors! These are authors who are independently published and they are fire!

What genres will the books be?

The main genre in ReadHer will be Romance! But as we all know Romance is full of subgenres and no author is like the other. The books will vary from contemporary, friends to lovers, second chance love, women's fiction and more! 

How many books will come in the box?

For now, we will be featuring one book per box! We hope to be able to expand as we grow!

Will ReadHer be available internationally?

Yes, but as expected there will be an additional charge! Sucks, I know! :/ As of now, the size of the box will result in shipping fee of $38.40. We are looking into creating a mailer option for international orders that will still give you the same contents but at a lower price. It wouldn't be in a box. If this option interests you, please email us at info@readherbookbox.com

Will we know what the book is when we order?

ReadHer is a mystery box! So for now you will not know what the book is! We understand that for some this may make you slightly anxious, but something I can guarantee is that the books will be by well-experienced authors!

How does the whole subscription thing work?

Basically you'd be subscribing to the box and would receive one until you cancel! Just a reminder we're bi-monthly. So you'd get one in February, April, June, August, October and December! Think about it like a gym membership! You have the option to pay each month or you can pre-pay for a bonus or reward! ReadHer will work the same way!

How long does shipping take?

Please note that there have been significant delays in shipping from USPS. We will send out the boxes towards the end of each month, however we cannot guarantee when you'll receive your box. You will receive a tracking number to help keep tabs on your box and we will send each box out as soon as possible!

What's my renewal date? 

Month to Month subscriptions renew the 15th of the prior box month. For example, for April, your subscription will renew on March 15th. For June box, your subscription will renew on May 15th.

For multi-box subscriptions, your subscription will also renew the 15th of the month after your last box. For example if you purchased a three box subscription, starting April 2020, you will receive the April, June and August boxes. Then, your 3-box subscription will renew on September 15th unless you cancel prior to the 15th. 

ReadHer subscribers will receive a renewal reminder email 2 days prior to your renewal. 

How can I cancel or pause my subscription?

You are able to cancel any active subscription using your account at cratejoy.com. Keep in mind, though, this will not issue a refund but simply stop the subscription from renewing. 

You can cancel your Cratejoy Marketplace subscription by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cratejoy account and click Subscriptions.
  2. Click Active Subscriptions
  3. Click Manage Subscription
  4. Click Cancel Subscription
  5. Select Reason for Cancelling and provide Feedback
  6. Click Confirm and Cancel Subscription

Please note, we do not give any refunds. All purchases are final. If you accidentally purchase more than one box to the same address, we can process the one box refund if request is made within 48 hours of purchase. Processing fee of $1.75 will be assessed. This exception can only occur once. 


More questions? Email: info@readherbookbox.com