How Readher Book Box works!

Step 1: Subscribe!

Sign up for your ReadHer Subscription! You'll be getting our ReadHer Book Box every other month! February, April, June, August, October and December! Switch, Pause or Cancel anytime.

New subscriptions are charged today, and renew on the 15th the month prior to shipping. (Ex. June box renews on May 15th)

Step 2: Wait Patiently!

Boxes Ship by the 25th of our Shipping Month (Feb 25, April 25, June 25 etc.)

I know the feeling of placing an order and you want it immediately! We will get you your box as soon as we can!!

Step 3: Open and Enjoy!

When you get your box, take the time to enjoy the items and of course READ!

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Box to Box Subscription $59.99

For our box to box subscription, you'll receive a box every other month and be billed the 15th of the month prior!


Three Box Subscription $173.99

With our 3 box subscriptions you get 3 boxes over 6 months! You'll receive a box every other month and be billed every 6 months! Plus you save a little bit!


Four Reasons to Choose ReadHer!!

#1 You get exposed to a diverse range of voices and perspectives! By featuring independently published Black romance, ReadHer offers readers the opportunity to discover new authors and stories that they might not have come across otherwise. Plus you get BLACK ROMANCE! A genre that sometimes goes under appreciated, but delivers everytime!!

#2 Conveniently get Black romance delivered to your home! With a subscription service, readers receive a curated selection of books delivered to you on a regular basis, which can be convenient for those who are busy or have difficulty finding the time to shop for books.

#3 Support for indie authors: By supporting a service that promotes independently published Black romance, readers may be able to contribute to the success of indie authors and help to diversify the publishing industry.

#4 Subscribing to ReadHer is Self-Care: A ReadHer subscription is self-care and self-love. In each box you get something specifically curated for the readher in you! It's a treat to yourself that supports your love for books, and fun surprises! It's not for the kids, your man, your friend, it's for you! 

What's Inside?!

ReadHer boxes are packed with special items for the book lover in you!
Each box comes with a Black romance novel, bookish merchandise, fun accessories and snacks every ReadHer would surely love!

Testimonials from ReADHERS!

Not knowing what to expect besides a surprise book, I was so excited to receive all the items in the April box, especially the book. Ashley did a great job a curating around the theme of relaxation.

Brittany, @brittanyreadthat

This has been one of the best boxes so far!!! The tote bag is such a good quality, I can't wait to rep it everywhere! The snacks are always such a nice touch. The book was an author that I've read from before and was so excited to see. We Got Two Books in this Box!!! And even though I have read the other one, I was so excited to have it in print. 10/10 Highly recommend. Always a fun time!!!!

- MJ, New Jersey

I absolutely loved my ReadHer box! The contents inside were unique. I can just feel the love and care that was put into the box!

J. J. -Georgia

ReadHer is for you!