About Us

Hi! Thank you for coming to learn a little bit more about ReadHer!


ReadHer (pronounced like Reader!) is named after the woman who reads! It's the brain child of a passionate book reader. Like most, Ashley was just an avid reader who wanted to find community amongst other readers to talk about books.

ReadHer came along like a lot of things do; time and opportunity. Early during the pandemic Ashley spent a lot of time reading and browsing for more books to read. One day she came across a book subscription box company and was disappointed to see that it wasn't as diverse as she'd hoped. But unlike other times when she would've moved on, she paused and asked herself why not create her own?

ReadHer was created with the woman reader in mind. As a fan of Black indie romance for many years, Ashley has always felt that more people need to get their hands on these books and these stories! With this in mind, the goal of giving you a reading experience that sparks joy, pleasure and fun has become reality.

ReadHer wants to be one of the many things in your life that makes you happy. When you see your box at your front door, its not just about getting a package, its about the book by a Black author, and the fun things you'll find  to accompany your reading experience. 


Ashley is the proud founder and CEO of ReadHer. By day she's a director of a Black student center at a university. By night she a late reader, spending many evening hours buried in a book. She's also a big fan of vegan desserts, taking naps, and taking on new and random challenges!!