April Box: Personal and Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House

April Box: Personal and Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House

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All's Fair in Love and Basketball!! 

There's nothing like that basketball love! And Ms. House put in the work!! 

Grab these autographed copies of Personal and its is (sorta) prequel Let Me Hold You!

Let Me Hold You Synopsis:

NBA player, Leland McClain, the baby of the McClain family, is tall, handsome, talented…and spoiled. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and what he wants is the lovely Kimberly Hampton.

Kim Hampton is the director of a community center, a woman who lives to help others while trying to forget a troubling past. As far as she’s concerned, a relationship with any man is a horrible idea. But a relationship with Leland McClain? That’s just out of the question.

He has to have her.

She is undeniably attracted to him.

But will she lower her guard and let him hold her?

*****Note: This is a love story involving an older woman and a younger man which contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like these elements in your romantic reads, this is not the book for you.*****

Personal Synopsis:

The bad boy of the NBA and the princess of the McClain Kingdom—a love story.

He’s handsome, talented, and troubled. Known as the bad boy of the NBA, Armand Daniels is both a liability and an asset to any team he’s a member of due to his hair-trigger temper. He’s no stranger to instability, but this latest trade may be what forces him onto the path of true change.

Ella McClain is her daddy’s princess, the daughter of a beauty icon, and a successful model in her own right. However, she’s tired of the spotlight and all that comes with it. Although cherished and protected by her family, she is overcoming deep issues when she crosses paths with Armand.

They are an unlikely pair who share a combustible chemistry and an inextinguishable passion, but do they have what it takes to build an enduring love?

Note: For the best reading experience, Let Me Love You and Let Me Hold You by Alexandria House should be read before reading PERSONAL.